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Youth comes from a need, that of respecting the needs of the skin.

My name is Dr Mirko Manola, I am a plastic surgeon based in Milan. Over the years, the experience in aesthetic medicine for face and body treatments has led me to have difficulty in recommending the ideal product that meets the needs of all my patients.

A product that is rich in active ingredients and at the same time free from alcohol-based fragrances, silicone or petroleum derivatives.

Thanks to the formulation of numerous galenic products and the collaboration of my trusted cosmetologist, who interprets my wishes and transforms a medical need into a cosmetological product, we have managed to create a skincare line capable of offering safe and effective products, with visible results from the first applications.

Youth guarantees formulations that are the result of careful and detailed expert research, capable of creating a synergy between the fields of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

To amaze everyone’s skin, this is our goal.